User Interface General Tips

OneStop Navigation Tips

Navigation through the OneStop application is done by clicking on the 'Back' and 'Next' buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Warning messages will pop-up in the event that data may be lost (e.g. removing a registration step for which you have already entered information).

Your Business Name displayed in the top right of each screen is abbreviated to the first 25 characters.

To exit OneStop, click 'Exit this e-service' on the left side of the screen. Any unsaved data on the current screen will be lost.

Session Timeout Due to Inactivity

If you stay on the same screen for longer than 60 minutes, the Business Registration Service will automatically exit your session. Any information that has not been saved will be lost. You are able to restart your business registration session by entering in your user ID and password.

If you do not complete your business registration session today, you may exit and come back later. Make note of your User ID and Password as these are required to restart your session.

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