OneStop Services

The OneStop Business Registry is a public sector partnership offering integrated Business Registration, and Liquor Licensing services based on the Business Number.

The Business Registration service enables a business to register with multiple public sector agencies and local government in one step.

The online Liquor Licensing service allows businesses to:

The Business Number service provides the ability for each BC business interacting with the public sector to be assigned a Business Number (BN) - a unique identifier that makes working with the public sector simpler, easier, and more convenient.

Among other benefits, these services make it possible to provide basic business information only once when dealing with two or more related public sector agencies. When given express permission by the entrepreneur, the information provided to the first agency is seamlessly transferred to the second agency without re-keying. Also among other benefits, online business services are grouped together logically, according to business needs, even if they are from different areas of the public sector.

The OneStop Business Registry is committed to service improvements and welcomes feedback. Among other initiatives, OneStop is promoting the Business Number as the basis for all public sector interactions with business, is working to integrate new public sector business accounts with the services and is encouraging adoption of an authentication mechanism for the benefit of entrepreneurs.

OneStop Accomplishments

Businesses for years have called for government at all levels to work together to reduce red tape. The OneStop Business Registry is doing just that. Below are a few of OneStop's accomplishments:

Business Registration

Address Change